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A debtor who intends to file a petition for his/her own bankruptcy is required to complete the Debtor’s Bankruptcy Petition (“Petition”), Statement of Affairs, pay to the Official Receiver a deposit for the Petition, have the Petition attested and the Statement of Affairs sworn, and pay a court fee for fixing a hearing. Please refer to the Debtor’s Bankruptcy Petition Procedural Guide which stipulates the detailed requirements and procedures for filing a petition by a debtor. A debtor who wishes to have the Petition attested before the authorized staff of the Official Receiver’s Office (“ORO”) can use this online service to book appointment for attestation. Pursuant to relevant provision, the Petition could also be attested before the Registrar or a solicitor in Hong Kong.

This online service offers an additional means for simple and time-saving service around the clock to facilitate the general public to book the appointment anytime and anywhere. The applicant may book an appointment in the next 7 working days and change or cancel his/her appointment not later than one day before the scheduled appointment.

When making an appointment, applicant should provide his / her name, gender, Hong Kong Identity Card number, contact phone number and email address. The staff of ORO may contact the applicant by phone or email for matter relating to and in connection with the application and the appointment.

Application Fee

This online service is free of charge.

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