Application for Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy

A member of public can use this online service to apply to the Official Receiver for issue of a "Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy", which specifies that there are no bankruptcy proceedings against him/her in the records of the Official Receiver’s Office as at the issue date of the Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy.

When submitting the application, the applicant should provide his / her title, name, Hong Kong Identity Card number, contact phone number and email address.

The Official Receiver’s Office will notify the applicant by email whether the application is successful. Once the application is approved, the applicant may download the Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy from GovHK website.

“iAM Smart” is required for authentication of applicant’s identity when submitting the online application and downloading the Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy.

Application Fees

The application fees are HK$270.

Submit Online Application for Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Application for Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy