Liquidation Forms

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This is a document by which a creditor seeks to establish his claim against a company in liquidation.

In accordance with Rule 79 of the Companies (Winding-up) Rules, every creditor in a winding up by the court shall prove his debt, unless a judge in any particular winding up shall give directions that any creditors or classes of creditors shall be admitted without proof.

A debt may be proved in a compulsory winding up by delivering or sending through the post to the Official Receiver this proof of debt form and accompanied by a filing fee of HKD35.00. No filing fee will be payable for any claim of debt not exceeding HKD250.00 or for employees' claim.

A proof of debt may be made by the creditor himself or by a person authorized by or on behalf of the creditor and having knowledge of the facts.

All items in the form should be filled up. Original supporting documents should be submitted together with the proof.

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The form is used by a creditor as a notification to the Official Receiver of the change of his residential or correspondence address after filing of a proof of debt. Upon receipt of this form, the Official Receiver will update his record and send future correspondence to the creditor at the new address.

A creditor may also submit a request of changing your Residential/Correspondence Address via GovHK by clicking the following link:

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If a creditor to whom dividends are payable desires that they shall be paid to some other person he may lodge with the Official Receiver a document in this form which shall be a sufficient authority for payment of the dividend to the person therein named.

This authority is to remain in force until revoked by the creditor in writing.

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A creditor/ contributory can use this form to appoint someone to attend a meeting of creditors/contributories and vote.

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A creditor/ contributory can use this form to appoint someone to attend a meeting of creditors /contributories and vote on the resolutions decided by you.

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A director / responsible officer of a wound-up company can use this form to submit a statement of the company's affairs.

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A director can use this form to in his preliminary examination.

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