Frequently Asked Questions about Online Submission of Proof of Debt

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A:This online service is available for those bankruptcy / winding-up cases in which the Official Receiver acts as the trustee / liquidator. A creditor of the relevant cases (“the Creditor”) or a person authorized to act on the Creditor’s behalf can use this online service to submit a proof of debt to the Official Receiver.

After a proof of debt is submitted via the GovHK Portal, it would be further processed by the Official Receiver’s Office including verification of the online payment. Submission of a proof of debt would be formally accepted after the processes involved have been completed, and payment of the prescribed fees is effected and received (if applicable). For proof of debt which is to be submitted for specific time-sensitive purpose (e.g. for voting at a scheduled meeting of creditors/contributories or for dividend purpose), users should pay attention to the required processing time as above-mentioned and consider to submit the proof of debt through other appropriate means such as by hand for meeting the relevant deadline where necessary.
A:You can visit GovHK by clicking the following links to submit a proof of debt online to the Official Receiver’s Office.
A:A prescribed fee of HK$35 must be paid upon filing of a proof of debt, otherwise the proof of debt will not be accepted. The said prescribed fee is however not payable for proof of debt not exceeding HK$250 or for employees’ claim for wages or salary.
A:The following file formats are acceptable:-
  1. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  2. Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  3. Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  4. Image (.jpeg, .png)

The total size of the files uploaded must not exceed 20MB and the number of files uploaded must not exceed 20.

A:If you are a user of “iAM Smart” service, you can sign the proof of debt by the “iAM Smart” mobile app.

If you have a valid digital certificate issued by the two recognized certification authorities, namely the Hongkong Post Certification Authority and Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited, you can sign the proof of debt by uploading the digital certificates and entering the relevant password.
A:Please download the copy of the proof of debt submitted by clicking “Print/Download Submitted Form” for keeping a copy thereof. You would receive respective acknowledgements on the lodgment of the proof of debt and the payment of fees (if applicable) by email.
A:Please make a fresh submission and settle the fee as per on-screen instructions.
A:For bankruptcy / winding-up cases in which the Official Receiver is not the trustee / liquidator, please contact the trustee / liquidator direct in this connection.
A:The enquiry hotline of the Official Receiver's Office is 2867 2448. For enquiries, you may call our hotline during office hours, i.e. 8:30 am to 5:45 pm from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.